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"I’ll take your message and create a fun, entertaining, attractive, on-brand animated video that engages your audience the right way"




Video animation is certainly not a new service, but finding someone with true commitment, engagement and dedication to build you a completely customised product is much harder to find. Rather than use loads of recycled content, I take my time, we collaborate, and you receive a video worth far more than a thousand words.


Anyone can throw a video together, but few can deliver engaging, entertaining, educational and effective storytelling solutions.



​The world is moving forward and it's time to meet your customers where they’re at. With the power of beautifully animated videos that capture your brand’s unique message, you can finally connect with the right customers, clients or tribes. Engaging content can be more than a means of directing your audience through a sales process, or educating them on something new, your brand message will propel your business into the future, a thriving, effective business that can survive it all.



First, the important stuff! How long can the video be, how much does it cost and how quickly can you deliver it?

I specialise in creating videos that are two to three minutes in length but the sky’s the limit! We’ll need to have a detailed discussion before I can provide you with a quote and a delivery time.

What software do you use?

I use Powtoon, a Visual Communications Platform. Powtoon is the world’s leading, most user-friendly, and most intuitive animation software.

How do I know which style video is best for my message?

I suggest you take a look at the videos and samples on my Portfolio page, to give you a feel for the different styles I can produce, but once you engage my services I will ask you to complete a Client Questionnaire that will form the detailed Design Brief from which I will create your video story.

Will you write the script or should I?

Some clients have a very firm idea about how they want to tell their story and possess the skills to create a script on their own. If you have a script, great! If you don’t, that’s not a problem at all as I can develop the script in consultation with you.

Will I give you images or will you provide them?

If there are specific images or graphics you would like included in your video you will need to send them to me. Otherwise, I have access to almost unlimited images, videos and graphics in Powtoon, and I have access to other image sites so I’m confident I will find something to suit your messaging.

Will you include my logo?

Absolutely, I can include your logo and any other branding or fonts.

I know I’m going to get a customised video but can I also customise the characters you use, e.g., change the colour of their clothes or features?

Powtoon are currently in Beta phase of their customisation tool so as their technology develops so will my service offering! At the moment there are a small range of characters who’s clothing I can alter. Customising character features is in the next phase of Powtoon’s tool.

What about voiceovers? Are you able to add my own voice, or the voice of someone from my business to the video?

Absolutely! If there is a particular scene that will work best with your voice please record as a voice file (on your phone in a quiet room is ideal), send it to me and I will synchronise within the video. In fact, this approach is preferable to professional voice overs as it is more personalised to you, your business or organisation, and you can edit and resend a file as many times as you like until you’re happy with the final product. If you would prefer a professional voiceover artist it will be included in the quote.

Where can I post my video?

You can upload the video to any video sharing site on the internet. You can also embed the video on your company’s intranet or homepage, blog or to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. You will own 100% of the rights to the video once I provide you with the final file.

I'm ready to order, what's next?

Awesome! Submit an online request or contact me directly and I’ll send through a custom quote once we’ve discussed your needs.