"We can’t thank Libby enough for the work she did on our promotions for All Serious Play. From start to finish the experience was professional, friendly, helpful and fun. Libby consulted with us all through the process, giving us every opportunity to make changes and was extremely helpful with providing suggestions to improve the finished product.  We were exceptionally happy with the result, which generated great interest on our social media page, translating to increased traffic to our website and subsequent sales. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Visual Storytelling Solutions for your next promotion or project. You won’t be disappointed! Every step of the process was made easy. We will surely be using this service again for future promotions."


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"Libby and I worked together on multiple programs in our time at Aurecon. Libby was the learning and communications lead on several of my key projects and I was stunned by her ability to visualise ideas and turn complex and sometimes quite boring information into clear, engaging and compelling content. Not only is Libby exceptionally smart and talented, she is also a pleasure to work with and a consummate professional. Libby always delivers on time and budget and I was always completely blown away with what she produced. Libby made a massive contribution to the adoption of the change of my projects. Libby is a brilliant collaborator and I would hire her or work with her on anything where I wanted to bring some fun and creative genius to my ideas or program."


"I worked with Libby on a number of initiatives at Aurecon where her expertise was critical and greatly assisted the team to successfully deliver technologies that impact end users. I found Libby to be very knowledgeable and experienced with change implementations, she brought some great ideas to the table which proved to be critical to the success of the user adoption process. One of these was story telling through animated video. This approach brought users onto a journey that ultimately provided them with the information they needed around what to expect, and how it impacted their working practices. During the development of these videos Libby was very creative in telling the story, but also ensured that the right message was received by the audience. Rather than just producing the same old stuff we usually saw, Libby gave the videos character and made them fun to watch. We received some great feedback on the whole change management execution process and also had a few curious business leaders who later used the same approach to deliver their own message to their audience/customers. It was a pleasure to work with you Libby, and benefit from your guidance in this space. Looking forward to future engagements."